GinnFarms protects the honey bee by helping new farmers learn natural farming practices that encourage self-reliant communities.
Project title:  Green Tomorrows
Financial Literacy
  • Credit and Financial literacy outreach to farmers allowing them to qualify for
  • USDA loans, grants, subsidiaries, and financing to grow their farm business.
  • Funds to identify new farmers:
  • Local restaurants looking to grow what they sell
  • Financial literacy programs to prepare High School seniors
  • Encouraging high school students to choose Agriculture as a career choice and as a college diploma choice
  • Genesis 1:29 Project is a faith based initiative looking for those interested in a more natural lifestyle
Project title: Gardens on the Move
Farm to Table Initiative
  • Farm to table delivery shuttle
    • Dearborn and Ohio County residents
    • Locally owned restaurants
    • Deliver to Food Pantries as well
  • Aid in marketing efforts to Farmer’s Markets
    • Provide SNAP and EBT access
  • Access to our social media network to increase turnout foot traffic at market
  • Mobile Classroom providing cooking classes and nutrition education
    • At events, trade shows, markets or craft fairs
Funding for the delivery van has been provided by the Rising Sun
Regional Foundation.

Project title: Seeds of Hope
  • Farm to school program
    • Junior Chef competitions
    • ​Taste Testing
    • Gets kids excited about playing in the dirt
    • 2’ x 24’ x 6” raised bed for plantings at a daycare and High school shop class to build
  • Helps to encourage farming as a career choice
    • Partnering with FFA and other existing youth programs
    • Teaches nutrition
  • Mobile classroom providing a 15 minute weekly hands on activity about fresh ingredients
    • Get kids to taste natural foods and experiment with flavor
    • Provide an “education cut away”hive or “observation hive” to teach about bees

The Poultry to Plate Cooperative is a Farm to School initiative sponsered by the Sunman-Dearborn School Corporation to supply fresh eggs, chickens, broth, and turkeys to the school system food program.

Project title: Rooftop Renegades
Economic Development
  • Urban gardens on flat rooftops DWTN Aurora
  • Vertical and container gardens are USDA new Hot Topics
  • Add Honeybees
  • Increase visual appeal of the community
  • Will employ full time farmers  
  • Support for Organic Certification
Pending funding from the USDA, the Rooftop Renegardes - Organic Research Project is set to begin later this year making downtown Aurora an education and research destination for Organic farming practices.  

This is the first of many individual garden envirnoments we can create by using each rooftop as a seperate ecosystem.
Project title: Rooftop Renegades
Economic Development
  • Solar panels on the slanted roofs
  • Work with city leaders to find a way to gradually move Dearborn County off-grid
  • USDA has already created the power point to have the conversation
  • Manufacture solar panels somewhere in Lawrenceburg or Aurora
  • Huge open field – no standards set yet in US – multiple projects but all are regional
  • No one is manufacturing or distributing in our area
  • Will employ installers and line workers as well as sales and administrative support at fair wages
  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • GAP programming and Food Safety education
Aurora, IN has always been supported by manufacturing.

We would like to propose we repurpose an old manufacturing building to enter the solar panel market.  It is a largely under developed market waiting for us to make the most of.

Let's put Dearborn County
back to work.
Thinking about going into farming as a career choice?

Aquaponics is a new and growing natural choice.  It provides four seasons of growing and can furnish fresh local fish as well as vegatables.  

This isn't your Daddy's farm!

Project title: Blue to Green
  • Using greenhouses to sustain fresh foods in our community year round
  • Extend or increase growing cycles to increase farmer income
  • Including aquaponics so that we can add fresh natural fish to the local diet